Commercial Laminate Flooring

Natural looking and durable

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is ideal if you want to achieve the look and feel of real wood floors but need a tough, durable finish.

We can supply and fit a variety of commercial grade laminate floors. These are generally slightly thicker than standard laminates designed for commercial use, and engineered to cope with wear and tear from things like castor wheels, burning cigarettes and stiletto heels. We can also offer ultra high pressure laminate flooring, which is ideal for high traffic areas.




10 Benefits of Laminate Floors

  • Price

    Most consumers are drawn to laminate flooring due to its affordability. The way laminate flooring is produced, using cheaper resourses makes it less expensive than its real wood equivalent.
  • Durability

    Durablity is a huge advantage of laminate flooring. With aluminimum oxide coatings, laminate floors holds up to scratches, dents, fading, and stains. Great with busy households and pets.
  • Warmth

    You can add warmth to your laminate floor by choosing a good quality insulating underlay. Also compatable with most underfloor heating systems for added floor and room warmth.
  • Versatile

    The next generation range of laminate flooring is now waterproof! Now making them more suitable for bathrooms, and kitchens. Can now be used for most rooms around the house.
  • Installation

    All laminate floors are designed to be of a floating floor fitting option. Always fitted on top of a laminate floor underlay. Most manufactures incorporate the fast fit clic systeam into the boards for ease and speed of installation.
  • Maintenance

    Todays high quality laminate floors, require little to no maintenance. With this in mind it makes it an attractive choice for people with a busy lifestyle. A hoover and clean with the manufactures cleaning products is all thats required.
  • Hygene

    With no where for carpet bugs or pet hairs to hide laminate flooring is very hyginic and easy to clean.
  • Product Range

    Ranging from the entry level 7mm board to the higher end 12mm there is a laminate floor for every budget.
  • Life of Floor

    A good reputable laminate floor producer will honour a warranty up to 25 years, if cleaned and maintained under normal practises.
  • Environmental

    Laminate flooring consists of mainly compressed wood. Wood is one of our planets sustainable and renewable raw materials, making laminate floors a fairly enviromental friendly product.

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