Wooden Floor Restoration

A fresh new look to your floor

Domestic Wooden Floor Restoration

If you have an existing wood floor that’s looking a bit tired and lifeless, we can bring it back to its former glory or give it a fresh new look.

We are Bona Certified Contractors, which means we have been trained to Bona’s high standards for floor sanding and refurbishment. We can restore any type of real wood flooring, from original wooden floorboards through herringbone floors to parquet wood flooring.

We’ve invested in the best professional sanding equipment available, which helps us achieve amazing results, even on badly gouged and warped floors. And we promise to collect and remove at least 95% of the dust created.




Restoring Your Wooden Floor To Its Former Glory

We’ll stain or oil and seal the floor, using top quality oils and lacquers, to achieve the effect you’re looking for.

We can also carry out repair and maintenance work, including filling dents or holes, replacing damaged boards and fixing squeaks.

10 Benefits of Wood Floor Sanding

  • Price

    Cheaper than replacing the floor, and will make your house more sellable.
  • Durability

    Once sanded a good quality hard wax oil or water based lacquer will give your wood floor the durabilty it needs for years to come with the correct maintenance.
  • Warmth

    You cant beat the warmth of a real wood floor! Choosing an oil will further enhance the feel of warmth as you will always be touching the warmth of the wood.
  • Versatile

    After floor sanding you can bespoke finish your floor by simply changing the colour by means of staining, then further enhancing the colour by adding your required level of sheen from ultra matt to gloss finish.
  • Sanding Methods

    There are two ways of sanding a floor the first being a full sand back and re-coat, this is normally needed when you have lots of stains and scratches in your floor this method is the most expensive. The second is a light sand and re-coat normally needed when the floor is looking dull and the floor looks like its loosing its finish, this method is the cheaper option.
  • Maintenance

    We always suggest using the floor finish manufactures cleaning products as these cleaning products have been specially developed for cleaning the required floor finish. We strongly recomend never to use steam mops!
  • Hygene

    If your wooden floor has lost its finish its inevitable that germs dirt and grime is going to get into the timber and stay no matter how many times you clean it. A deep sand and freshly applied finish ensures a clean hygienic surface for years to come.
  • Product Range

    There are many hard wax oils and water based lacquers to choose from. Each having there own durability properties. In a commercial enviroment we would strongly recommend a two part compontent commercial grade lacquer for lasting durability.
  • Life of Floor Finish

    This largely depends on how well the floor is maintained after floor finishing and the amount of footfall, But typically a floor finish will last between 5- 15 years.
  • Environmental

    Generally the water based lacquers are a fairly green product, the oils do contain lots of solvents but once cured all natural vegetable and plant oils are left present on the floor. Floor sanding is still going to be more envirometally friendly compared to replacing it with new.

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