Vinyl Tile Floors (LVT)

Natural looking and durable

Vinyl Tile Floors (LVT)

LVT or luxury vinyl flooring has become hugely popular over the last few years.

This is due to the wide range of high quality wood and stone effects, the durability and water resistants of these floors makes them suitable for high traffic areas such as hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, and hospitals..

LVT comes with a fast fit clic systeam or fully bonded option.




10 Benefits of Vinyl Tile Floors (LVT)

  • Price

    LVT flooring is more cost effective than wooden flooring, or ceramic tiles, you are not paying a premium for a natural product, allthough more cost effective the floor is still very natural looking and durable which makes LVT flooring an attractive option for home owners and business.
  • Durability

    LVT really ticks many boxes when it comes to durability. Firstly 100% waterproof, exceptional scratch resistance,and stain resistance great domestically with pets and children.
  • Warmth

    Vinyl floors have a warmth unlike ceramics or natural stone, compleately compatible with most underfloor heating systems if added warmth is required.
  • Versatile

    Because LVT is 100% waterproof and robust this makes for a perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, or any room in the house. Also commercially a sensible choice for a florist or hairdressers where foot traffic might be high or water present.
  • Installation

    Basically there are three options when it comes to fitting LVT firstly theres the clic system or commonly know as a floating floor,these are normally 6mm with a milled on clic profile, normally fitted on an underlay and are normally a faster installation. Secoundly there is loose lay fast and easy to install and normally installed using pressure sensitive adhesives. Lastly Glue down individual tiles and wood planks are stuck down using adhesive this enables for designer floors with borders and feature strips.
  • Maintenance

    Cleaning Vinyl we always recomend using the manufactures cleaning products as this will warrant the manufactures warranty. In the event of a damaged piece of vinly the damaged piece can easily be lifted and replaced without having to change the whole floor.
  • Hygene

    Enhancing hygiene protection schould be a priority when using LVT especially in sensitive areas like care homes and schools where cross contamination of bacteria can be controlled.
  • Product Range

    Typically LVT ranges from 2.5 to 6.5mm because of the thickness of these products it makes for a great choice for renovations where height might be needed to be kept to a minimum. With so many different types of colours of stone and wood effect it almost makes for an endless choice of products to choose from.
  • Life of Floor

    Depending on which manufactrer the general life of these floors are between 10- 25 years.
  • Environmental

    Vinyl flooring does not require harsh chemicals to clean and also contains heat insulating properties to cut down on heating requirements.

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