Wood Flooring

Durable and long lasting

Wood Flooring

Well fitted and maintained, a wood floor should last a lifetime and more.

Wood floors are an excellent option for allergy sufferers. They are also more hygienic than carpet and easier to clean.

What’s more, wooden floors will add value to your home and have been proven to help properties sell faster. With real wood flooring, unlike laminate, future owners can sand and restain it to suit their taste.




Types of Wood Floor

We supply and fit both solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

While solid wood flooring is 100% solid wood, engineered wood flooring is usually composed of a top layer of wood, between 3mm and 8mm deep, backed with spruce or plywood. Because of its layered construction, engineered wood flooring is more forgiving than solid wood, which makes it better able to cope with a diverse range of temperatures and humidity levels. This makes engineered wood floors ideal for conservatories, basements, kitchens and areas with underfloor heating.

We offer both solid and engineered wood flooring in wood from many different tree species as well as bamboo (which is technically a grass) and in a variety of widths, thicknesses and finishes.

10 Benefits of Solid & Engineered Wood

  • Price

    You should always try to look at the cost of a new wooden floor as a long term investment. The initial outlay can be fairly expensive, but the fact is some floors can last a life time! They can also be re -sanded which means it pays dividens in the end. A good quality wood floor will also add value to your home.
  • Durability

    Solid and enginered wood flooring are a very durable and long-lasting option. If you take care with regular cleaning and hoovering the hard surface can last for decades.
  • Warmth

    You cant beat the warmth of a wooden floor. Warm to the touch and adding more thermal insulation to your room once fitted. Enginered wood floors are the only option if you are looking at having a wooden floor with a underfloor heating system. NEVER use solid wood with underfloor heating.
  • Versatile

    Wood floors can be used in most areas of the home but we would never recommend putting wood in a bathroom.
  • Installation

    There are three methods of installing wood floors, firstly fully bonded, which involves spreading adhesive all over the subfloor then placing the boards into the wet adhesive. Secondly secret nailing, driving serrated nails into the tongue of the board, into the wooden substrate. And lastly a floating floor which involves using a wood floor underlay, then placing the planks on top and clicking the wood floor planks together for a clean fast fit.
  • Maintenance

    Cleaning your wood floor we would always recommend using a specially formulated cleaner for oiled floors, and a specially formulated cleaner for lacqured floors. Its quite common people don’t know what type of finish they have and use a genral floor cleaner which will eventually ruin your wood floor finish. We strongly recommend to NEVER use steam mops even though the manufactures of these mops suggest otherwise!!
  • Hygene

    Wood flooring is a hyginic surface if cleaned regularly. Unlike carpets where parasites and dust mites can harbour. Also a great option with allergy sufferers.
  • Product Range

    Wood flooring choice has grown hugely in the last decade. From wide planks to narrow planks, herringbone to chevron, wood floor finishes such as distressed, smoked, band sawn, hand scrapped, brushed, and different wood species makes for many options for diffrent taste.
  • Life of Floor

    Well maintained and fitted some wood floors can last a life time. Even when your floor is looking tired and old you can bring it back to life with a re-sand.
  • Environmental

    The wood floors we source are all FSC certified. So rest assured the product you are buying is not making a negative impact on the environment. The fact wooden floors can be sanded means less waste of floor coverings to landfill.

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